Working with Growers from the Ground Up

The character of our organization begins with our growers. It's a special relationship, and is connected to every phase of what we do. Quality control begins in the fields before planting. And because our plant is so close to the growing area, we are able to maximize the freshness of our product. Thanks to our climate and soil, this corner of northeast Oregon is the prime pea-growing area in the world. Peas go from field to freezer within two hours. Corn is in the freezer within four hours. These advantages have made it possible for Smith Frozen Foods to represent an average of 8 to 15 percent of all U.S. frozen peas, corn and diced carrots. That amount of product allows us to fill your orders with confidence, whatever your size, whatever your needs. And because of our grower relationships, our location and our equipment, we can keep costs low, without sacrificing quality.

Smith Product Seasons